Romance Languages

Specializing in
 translation and interpretation of
 English < > Portuguese






Translation, Proofreading, Editing

Certified Translation of Documents

Interpretation: Court, Depositions and Conferences


Empathy and Rapport to
 Develop Effective
Interpersonal Communication

The human being thrives for companionship and to live where culture and society can gather. This is only possible when good communication happens...




   A professional linguist
and cross-cultural consultant

Working mainly with the language pairs English < > Portuguese as translator and interpreter, I have developed a long-lasting business relationship with several direct clients and many translation agencies, but I am always looking forward to expand my portfolio of selected clients.  I also translate from French and Spanish into English and/or Portuguese...   


                    Terms and Conditions
1. Translations Decoder or TD shall mean the party providing linguistic services in the normal course of business. Client shall mean the party commissioning the linguistic services in the normal course of business...




         It is a business

Translations Decoder LLC is a  translation company filed with the Secretary of the State of Colorado for the client who wants a customized service. I control every project in detail and I am thoroughly involved in each and every one of them. The bidding and contracting process is transparent, objective and always with the best price offer to the client bearing in mind the quality of the services provided...



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