Translator, Interpreter, Cross-Cultural Consultant






English, Portuguese, French and Spanish

I translate into/from English and Portuguese, in either direction, and from French and Spanish into English and/or Portuguese. My areas of professional expertise are Law, Marketing, Finances, and Social Sciences. I deliver an average of 400K words per year. The formula average is very simple: I work 10 months of the year, 20 days per month, 2,000 words per day. I could do more, yes, but I prefer to deliver quality instead of quantity.




Conference – Simultaneous

I have 600 hours experience working for  government agencies and have an ongoing contract with the Colorado Judicial Branch. I specialize in Conference Interpreting.


Cross-Cultural Consultant


Brazilian legal and commercial affairs

I was raised in Brazil; have lived in England, Wales, France, and Oman. I can bring this multifaceted knowledge of the world to work with organizations aiming to implement and develop business in Brazil and therefore, in need of a resourceful business and cross-cultural consultant.


I am proud of what I do


Because I love what I do!

I am always happy to accomplish a project exceeding the client’s expectations; this is how I become professionally fulfilled.






interpreting hours



My educational background


Law School

Language and writing have always been such an intrinsic part of my life, that for many years I did not see it as the special skill that it is. My exposure to multiple languages began before my school education, as I was raised in a household of writers, and the translation tradition is a long one, as my great-grandmother was a literary French to Portuguese translator. I attended pre-school and elementary school at the British School in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, learning to read simultaneously in both English and Portuguese. I have a law degree, as studying law was a natural thing for me to do, as there were five generations of lawyers in the family.


About Thais Lips


My business experience


International Business

Using my language skills, legal knowledge, and interest in other cultures, I became a travel industry entrepreneur and deepened my cross-cultural knowledge with extensive business trips to Europe.


A life switch towards the write and right path:  translating and interpreting.


Back to college and into the translation industry

About 15 years ago, I made the happy decision to return to my roots of words and languages. I went back to college, transferred my transcript from Brazil, and took courses with concentration in English, Creative Writing, French and Spanish, so to be ready for the competition. I got a TESOL – Teaching English as a Second Language Certificate.


As the Colorado Translators Association president, I plan many of the continuing education events that I participate


Conferences, workshops, and webinars

Today, I still attend continuing education events to keep my knowledge current to satisfy the high standards of the top of the translation industry. Part of this continuing education, includes the workshops and conferences that I help to organize as the president of the Colorado Translators Association (CTA).


I achieved my goal of becoming a professional translator with a long-term perspective,  because I know I will do this for many years to come.

I am always glad to have new clients; this is how I develop my business. I am always happy to accomplish a project exceeding the client’s expectations; this is how I become professionally fulfilled.