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Recipes from Around the World



Congratulations, you have reached the landing page of Recipes from Around the World!

I hope that your idea of eating will change forever.

When I was six, I got my first baking set. Everything was small: bowl, mixer, wooden spoons, and molds. I was indeed fascinated, and I never stopped cooking since.


I can still remember our cook in the old days telling me to leave the kitchen because my mom would scold her. But I didn’t want to leave it, and anything could be an excuse to be in the kitchen!


I enjoyed immensely watching my great-grandmother making liqueurs, quindins, ambrosias, brigadeiros. Grandmother was an expert in Ile-Flottante, and my mother made the best cheese cookies. You will find most of these recipes here, and much more.


I loved to watch the maids giving cheap whiskey or cognac to the turkey before Christmas; his crest would get purple and fall to one side; they said it would make the meat tastier and tender. If anyone from PETA reads this, please don’t send the hot patrol after me! This was in the 1950’s!!!

I have traveled widely and have lived in different countries, and I have incorporated many delicacies from around the world into my repertoire.


This passion for cooking is also part of my love for cultures and languages: immersing in a culture through the mouth and the stomach! I like to think that they go together. For instance, we are starting a tradition here in the Colorado Translators Association (CTA), we organize a summer ethnical potluck by the pool, and then we publish our members’ recipes in our CTA blog.


My love for cultures and for cooking does not conflict with healthy food – most of the time. I’m not vegan, vegetarian and I don’t believe that gluten is the great villain of the century, but I hereby solemnly promise that I will try to make it simple, yet natural, and from scratch. No processed food PLEASE!!! No opening cans, like some famous chefs do. Brazilian Black Beans stew and my Chilli con Carne recipes will not be made out of a can. My tomato sauces will be made out of fresh, ripe, luscious, and sexy tomatoes. I will try to brainwash you to do the same, and to realize that after all, cooking from scratch is not so complicated or time-consuming, and can be fun.


Welcome to my cooking blog. Try my recipes and leave your feedback.

“Les recettes de nos grand-mères, pour moi n’ont plus aucun mystère… Bon appétit mes amis.”